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Huey Lewis Spreads "The News" About Country Singer Tyler Barham at Hospital Benefit  

Tyler Barham, named one of Billboard's Country Artists to Watch, was Pop music icon Huey Lewis' special guest for the Rhythm & Blues For a New ICU Benefit on July 6.  The event, spearheaded by Lewis and Montana based event coordinator Lynne Himes, helped raise over $400,000 for a new Intensive Care Unit for the Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital in Hamilton, MT.  Along with providing entertainment for the VIP dinner, the guest list for which included legendary sports announcer Brent Musburger, Barham joined Lewis' house band and singer Eden Atwood for a rendition of "Meet Me In Montana" at the evening's featured concert.


"He can sing like ringing a bell, this kid...He's going to be a big star." remarked Lewis during his introduction of Barham. Video Link  - http://bit.ly/HueyandTyler 


They All Fall Down(The Barn Song) - Video Goes Viral  

Named by Billboard as One to Watch in 2014, country singer Tyler Barham has teamed up with award winning photographer, Mark Mesenko, for a photo documentary video that celebrates the history and life of barns. Uploaded on Tuesday, February 25th via the Western Montana Facebook page, the video has reached nearly 5 million people in less than a week while generating over 180 thousand Likes, Comments, and Shares.   


"It's amazing to see how reactive the video has been and how it has people sharing their own stories about barns. I was excited to see that Country Weekly Magazine even shared the video on their page." said Barham. 


The video and song came about after Mesenko approached Barham and his production team to write and produce a song for his photo documentary about barns. Mesenko, who mainly photographs Montana landscapes and wildlife, runs the highly popular Western Montana Facebook page which boasts nearly 80 thousand followers. 


"Ironically at one point Tyler and I only lived 20 miles apart, but we were brought together by a mutual Facebook fan from New York. I loved his music, so I reached out to him about collaborating on a video that uses photos from my They All Fall Down photo book. A few months later the song and video were born." said Mark Mesenko.


Barham's song, "They All Fall Down" is currently featured on iTunes in the Country New and Noteworthy section.


Those wishing to share the "They All Fall Down" Video to Facebook can copy and paste the following link:


Tyler named one of Billboard's 10 Country Artist to Watch in 2014 

Tyler Barham
We in the 615 have had an eye on Tyler Barham for quite a while. He has managed to register over eight million views online with many covers of other artists' songs, but it's his new material -- which you'll be hearing about soon that we're particularly excited about! Needless to say, the city of Florence, Montana might start to invest in a "Home of" sign!   http://bit.ly/10ToWatchIn2014 - Billboard

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